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Flame LaSauce

Jasarius Allen , born and raised in Miami Dade. No stranger to hustling is how “Sauce” sprouted.

As a upcoming influencer with the purpose of getting genuine messages to anyone with an ear in.
His passion for music was derived from life tribulations to become expressive in lyrical content

in everyday life which transpired to his rapper name “Flame LaSauce”.

Looking forward, Flame La Sauce remains committed to evolving his craft and pushing the boundaries of his artistry. He aspires to connect with a global audience, taking his music on tour across different cities and countries. With his magnetic energy and dedication to making meaningful music, Flame aims to leave an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop, inspiring listeners to embrace their true selves and overcome any obstacles in their path.

Flame LaSauce's music is a blend of soulful melodies, infectious hooks, and hard-hitting rap verses that captivate listeners and draw them into his world.His powerful storytelling delves into themes of struggle, perseverance, love, and self-discovery, allowing his audience to connect with his music on a personal level.Whether he's reflecting on his own journey or shedding light on societal issues, Flame's authenticity shines through in every track.


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